Grow your own food

The Globalization of Food: Farming our Way to Famine for 500 Years

There are many ways to think about the globalization of food and some of the more common ones are that it is historically recent, economically viable and great for our wallets and personal menu plans

Community Gardening as Revolutionary Praxis – The Argument for growing your own!

Global Fair Trade’s mandate is to illuminate the connections between humans and the environment on the one hand, and the local and the global on the other. From our perspective, there is nothing finer than an initiative like community gardening for showing how this works and it is so essential for forging a future that is humane and sustainable. Community gardening and local green space initiatives have the potential to undermine the unstable and inhumane global food system while reducing our impact on climate change and forging necessary ties that bind us together in workable societies. That seems like a tall order for a window box of fresh herbs or some backyard tomatoes but here’s how it works.